Upgrading to vmm 0.6.x

This document describes the procedure to upgrade a vmm-0.5.2 installation to version 0.6.x

If you still have installed vmm-0.4/vmm-0.4-r41 you have to proceed this step first:

Upgrading from vmm-0.5.2

Stop Postfix and Dovecot

Before updating your database layout you have to stop Postfix and Dovecot.

root@host:~# /etc/init.d/postfix stop
Stopping Postfix Mail Transport Agent: postfix.
root@host:~# /etc/init.d/dovecot stop
Stopping IMAP/POP3 mail server: dovecot.

Create a database backup

It is always wise to back up your database from time to time. Particularly with regard to an impending structure modification.

Example: Backing up the mailsys database with pg_dump.

user@host:~$ pg_dump -h localhost -U vmm -W mailsys > mailsys-0.5.2.sql

Database update

Connect as your vmm database user to your database.

user@host:~$ psql mailsys vmm -W -h localhost

In the PostgreSQL interactive terminal you have to run one of the following commands to perform the update.

Dovecot v1.2.x/v2.0.x/v2.1.x

mailsys=> \i /path/to/vmm-0.6.2/pgsql/update_tables_0.5.x-0.6-dovecot-1.2.x.pgsql
mailsys=> \q

Dovecot v1.0.x/v1.1.x

mailsys=> \i /path/to/vmm-0.6.2/pgsql/update_tables_0.5.x-0.6.pgsql
mailsys=> \q

Set database permissions

There’s a python script which grants permissions to your Dovecot and Postfix database users.

user@host:~$ python /path/to/vmm-0.6.2/pgsql/set-permissions.py -h
Usage: set-permissions.py OPTIONS

Set permissions for Dovecot and Postfix in the vmm database.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a, --askpass         Prompt for the database password.
  -H HOST, --host=HOST  Hostname or IP address of the database server. Leave
                        blank in order to use the default Unix-domain socket.
  -n NAME, --name=NAME  Specifies the name of the database to connect to.
                        Default: mailsys
  -p PASS, --pass=PASS  Password for the database connection.
  -P PORT, --port=PORT  Specifies the TCP port or the local Unix-domain socket
                        file extension on which the server is listening for
                        connections. Default: 5432
  -U USER, --user=USER  Connect to the database as the user USER instead of
                        the default: root
  -D USER, --dovecot=USER
                        Database user name of the Dovecot database user.
                        Default: dovecot
  -M USER, --postfix=USER
                        Database user name of the Postfix (MTA)  database
                        user. Default: postfix
user@host:~$ python /path/to/vmm-0.6.2/pgsql/set-permissions.py -a -H -U vmm

Start Dovecot and Postfix again


All the views (dovecot_… and postfix_…) have been replaced by database functions. So you have to adjust all your postfix/pgsql-*.cf files and also your /etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf or /etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf.ext.

See the vmm-0.6.2/postfix/pgsql-*.cf files and Dovecot configuration/dovecot-sql.conf.ext or Dovecot configuration/dovecot-sql-conf.

After a successfully update start Dovecot and Postfix again.

root@host:~# /etc/init.d/dovecot start
Starting IMAP/POP3 mail server: dovecot.
root@host:~# /etc/init.d/postfix start
Starting Postfix Mail Transport Agent: postfix.

Upgrade vmm

Finally execute the upgrade.sh script. This will install the new code and also update your vmm.cfg.

root@host:~# cd /path/to/vmm-0.6.2
root@host:/path/to/vmm-0.6.2# ./upgrade.sh
Please have a look at your configuration: /usr/local/etc/vmm.cfg
This are your Modified/Renamed/New settings:
R   account.delete_directory = false
R   account.directory_mode = 448
R   account.disk_usage = false
R   domain.delete_directory = false
R   domain.directory_mode = 504
R   domain.force_deletion = false
R   domain.imap = true
R   domain.pop3 = true
R   domain.sieve = true
R   domain.smtp = true
R   domain.transport = dovecot:
R   mailbox.folders = Drafts:Sent:Templates:Trash
R   mailbox.root = Maildir
R   misc.base_directory = /srv/mail
M   misc.dovecot_version = 2.1.7
R   misc.dovecot_version = 2.1.7
R   misc.password_scheme = PLAIN

Removed section "config" with option "done" (obsolte)

Removed option "gid_mail" from section "misc" (obsolte)

Upgrading from vmm-0.6.0

Database fixes

Due to an error in usertransport’s argument parsing, it is possible that some users’ transport-ID points to the erroneous transport domain. To fix that error in your database, execute the following SQL statement:

UPDATE users SET tid = NULL
 WHERE tid = (SELECT tid FROM transport WHERE transport = 'domain');

If you are using Dovecot < v.1.2.0, you have to replace the database function dovecotpassword(). The service_set.ssid was selected unconditionally. This may cause an empty result, which will make logins impossible. To replace the function execute the following SQL statement:

    IN localpart varchar, IN the_domain varchar) RETURNS SETOF dovecotpassword
AS $$
        record dovecotpassword;
        userid varchar(320) := localpart || '@' || the_domain;
        FOR record IN
            SELECT userid, passwd, smtp, pop3, imap, managesieve
              FROM users, service_set, domain_data
             WHERE users.gid = (SELECT gid
                                  FROM domain_name
                                 WHERE domainname = the_domain)
               AND local_part = localpart
               AND users.gid = domain_data.gid
               AND CASE WHEN
                  users.ssid IS NOT NULL
                    service_set.ssid = users.ssid
                    service_set.ssid = domain_data.ssid
                RETURN NEXT record;
            END LOOP;

Upgrade vmm

Execute the upgrade.sh, in order to install the updated code.

Upgrading from vmm-0.6.1

If you have already installed vmm-6.0.1, simply execute the upgrade.sh script.

Upgrade to Dovecot ≧ v1.2.beta2

When you are upgrading your old Dovecot (< v.1.2.beta2) to a newer version, ≧ v1.2.beta2, you also have to update the database layout. After you have backed up your database, you have to apply the changes from the file dovecot_update_v1.2+.pgsql to your database. (The file is currently only available from hg: dovecot_update_v1.2+.pgsql)

Connect as your vmm database user to your database.

user@host:~$ psql mailsys vmm -W -h localhost

Then do the database update:

mailsys=> \i /path/to/dovecot_update_v1.2+.pgsql
mailsys=> \q

Finally Set database permissions.