vmm - a virtual mail manager

vmm is the easy to use and configurable command line tool for administrators and postmasters, to manage domains, alias-domains, accounts and relocated mail users. See the Features of vmm page for more details. It allows the fast and easy management of mail servers.

vmm is written in Python. It’s designed for installations using Dovecot and Postfix with a PostgreSQL backend. vmm should work on each Linux/UNIX-like operation system.

Current version

The most current version of vmm is 0.7.0, released on 07 November 2021. Older releases are listed in the Release history of vmm.


There’s the vmm-users mailing list for general vmm discussion. There’s also the #vmm IRC channel on the libera.chat network. Please use the issue tracker to report any kind of bugs.


In short: “New BSD License” aka “3-clause license”. For a few more details see the COPYING file.