Features of vmm

General features

  • Unicode/UTF-8 capable (input/storage/output)
  • supports IDN (also ccTLDs/ccIDNs and ‘new’ gTLDs)
  • supports the mailbox format Maildir and Dovecot’s own high-performance mailbox formats single- and multi-dbox
  • configurable basic mailbox structure, including sub-mailboxes
  • multilingual — currently:
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Vietnamese

Domain features

  • configurable transport setting per domain
  • unique group identifier (GID) per domain
  • each domain may have one or more alias domain names
  • activate or deactivate services (SMTP, POP3, IMAP and ManageSieve) for new or all accounts of a domain
  • configurable quota limits (size and/or number of messages) for the domain’s accounts
  • supports relocated users
  • the postmaster account can be created automatically when a new domain is created
  • supports per-domain catch-all aliases

Alias domain features

  • alias domain names can be switched between domains

Account features

  • configurable transport per account
  • activate or deactivate one/more/all services (SMTP, POP3, IMAP and ManageSieve) per account
  • configurable quota limit (size and/or number of messages) per user
  • per-account configuration overrides defaults defined by the domain, otherwise the setting is inherited
  • unique user identifier (UID) per user

Alias features

  • supports multiple destinations per e-mail alias

  • destinations can be deleted separately

  • respects Postfix’ virtual_alias_expansion_limit on creation

  • destinations can be interpolated using the original address’ local-part and domain, allowing aliases to have different meaning in alias domains, e.g. with the following defined in example.org:

    postmaster@example.org  →  postmaster+%d@admin.example.org

    If example.com is an alias domain of example.org, the alias will become:

    postmaster@example.org  →  postmaster+example.org@admin.example.org
    postmaster@example.com  →  postmaster+example.com@admin.example.org

Wanted features

  • Do you want more? Please use the issue tracker to submit your proposal.

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